Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Website:

If the length of time between my last blog entry and this one is not a testament to how busy life can get, I'm not sure what is!  How am I supposed to catch up on over a year's worth of experiences?  I guess a bullet list of the some of the bigger events will do:
  • I switched from the day-time MPA program to the EMPA program after my first semester because of an incredible job opportunity.
  • I attended the ICMA conference in San Jose.
  • I attended the UCMA conference in SLC and St. George.
  • Now taking classes with the EMPA program (Statistics, HR, Municipal Bonds)
  • I attended the ICMA conference in Milwaukee.
  • I will attend the UCMA conference in SLC this Friday.
There's a lot more that could go with that list, but I figured I would keep it to work/school related events.  Speaking of work/school related events, the real reason I thought to write this entry is because of a new website I created called  As I have been contemplating my future career, I realized that there are limited resources to those who are seeking local government jobs.  So, I sought to fill that gap and provide a web-based solution that compiles the job listings of local governments across the nation into one easy to use FREE website!

The word about has already gone from coast to coast.  Within a matter of a couple weeks, our listings were pulled up in the natural results of google (that's a big deal) AND we were mentioned in a news article published in Portsmouth, RI.

I've had this idea for quite some time but didn't really put it to motion until right before the ICMA conference in Milwaukee.  I wanted a live site up so I could get feedback from the conference attendees.  It was really exciting to see how enthusiastic City Managers at the ICMA conference were about the idea of  They related to me how they too find it difficult to search for job opportunities in City Management positions and that this new site would be a great resource for them.

As the site continues to grow, I hope that MPA programs across the nation will find it to be a valuable resource and post a link on their job resource websites so that their students can have access to it.

Still on my way to an MPA!

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